Corporate credit building program sets to help BIPOC entrepreneurs in gaining access to business credit

October 06, 2021 - 09:05 AM

NATIONWIDE (BAMM Network) Due to systemic racism, racial minorities such as BIPOC and LatinX entrepreneurs are discouraged to apply for business loans. But with the initiative of the founders, they are working with them to help them gain access to business credit.

For a long time, BIPOC and LatinX entrepreneurs have been struggling when it comes to funding and retaining their businesses, especially in the United States. They often find their loan applications getting rejected, thus resulting in experiencing a lot of business issues. They either experience cash shortfalls, be hindered by financial constraints, or just fail to maintain cash flow. This makes them less likely to have collateral or access to home equity and business capital funding, aside from loan credits. 

“There are opportunities to fund your business that are not tied to your Social Security number and do not require a cosigner. A tax ID number is just a start. Businesses need more than just the tax ID. Our company is here to help get everything you need to get funded.” Nicole Wilson, owner of mentioned. 

This is why the founders of have established their program in order to help out entrepreneurs and business owners of marginalized communities. They assist them through the filing process, setting up their corporation or business, and assisting them in completing the application to get business credit. In order to help them to tap opportunities they can utilize, the company provides solutions that will bypass barriers and challenges that BIPOC and LatinX business owners face when applying for credit and loans. 

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